Who We Are

Through New Leaf Sculpture & Design our mission is to provide joy, remembrance, and/or utility to our customers by giving new life to wood that has needed to be cut down for a variety of reasons.  We are a small company owned by Garret and Jessi Wendlandt from Waupaca, WI.  We handle each project with the individual care and concern it deserves.

What We Do

We provide quality, hand crafted carvings and home furnishings such as sculptures, lamps, spoons, benches, and on-site carvings (a carving made at a residence from what is left of a tree that was cut down such as from storm damage or disease).

About the Artist

Garret Wendlandt

Garret has been a professional carver for over 12 years and enjoys making custom, quality sculptures for others either off-site or on-site.  He has always been interested in how art can give nature voice and story and since 2010 his art tool of choice has been a chainsaw, among other power tools.  Garret enjoys carving in wood, stone, ice, and snow.  He seeks to work with clients to create sculptures that bring special meaning and/or simple enjoyment to their environment.  He was born and raised on a small farm in Door County, WI where he learned to appreciate the life and nature around him.

He currently lives in the town of Oasis in Wisconsin with his wife and partner, Jessi Wendlandt.  Jessi is an academic adviser at UW-Stevens Point and works alongside Garret to support him in his work.  As a team, they both use their gifts and passion to bring Garret's artwork to life.

Have a carving idea in mind?  

Let us know what your idea is and we can have a conversation with you about how to make it a reality!  Contact us via phone, email, or Facebook.  We look forward to hearing from you!  For examples of past work Garret has done, view our galleries below.

Note: We do not do trademark materials, such as sports.  Thank you for understanding!

Wood Gallery

On-Site Carvings

Custom Benches

Lamps, Spoons, Bowls

Stone Gallery

Ice and Snow Gallery

Thank you for your interest!